Does Learning the 10 Finger Keyboard Provide an Advantage?


Learning the 10-finger keyboard is the most effective time spent in front of the computer. efficient evaluation and daily work schedule It brings many advantages as it provides focus. The most important of them are;

  • Successfully using a 10 finger keyboard and following techniques Significantly increases typing speed. Work during the day years with this education, which enables to prevent the disruption of writing. In the end, a huge profit is obtained.
  • Writing with 10 fingers, where the letters on the keyboard are learned correctly time to establish a better concentration on the text provides. While focusing, the brain instead of trying to type text it focuses on the essence of the text and, as a result, on the work.
  • With the use of a 10-finger keyboard, finger fatigue is equal. Typing texts using a few fingers, using a ten-finger keyboard individuals write longer texts with less fatigue.

However, in order to type accurately and quickly on the keyboard, you must english It requires frequent practice. In this way, the fingers grasps the location of letters very quickly.

Is it Possible to Learn the 10 Finger Keyboard?

Individuals who want to learn 10 finger keyboard should pay attention there are some considerations.

In the first step, the sitting position should be adjusted properly. The elbows do not bend vertically and the distance between the screen and the eyes should be between 50 and 80 cm.

Correct placement of the fingers on the letters on the keyboard It is necessary to point out the pinky finger with the fingers of the left hand, respectively. It should be positioned on the ASDF letters towards the finger. Again, from the index finger of the right hand to the little finger Fingers should be positioned on the letters JKLŞ so that Keyboard The letters J and F on it are easy to find the location. It has protrusions to provide

10 Finger Typing? 6 Fingers Typing?

Writing 10 fingers in the first place, 6 fingers when not enough exercises are done or progresses more slowly than the use of 4 fingers. However, 10 using 6 fingers or 4 fingers after finger typing practice It is too slowing and undesirable to write using It will not be preferred because it is tiring for the fingers.

How to Write Fast and Accurate in 10 Fingers?

The first step for individuals who want to use a 10 finger keyboard quickly and accurately. They must be confident and patient. Then, it will provide practice in 10 finger typing, correct english aimed at typing and gaining speed always practice by adjusting the difficulty levels via can be done.

How many words are correct in a certain time during the practice phase? to see what you write and practice with mixed-word texts It is possible to learn how to use a 10 finger keyboard quickly by doing this. This erroneous, which gives results by correctly controlling the speed and spelling in the direction presenting analysis results including the number of words english How to write a 10-finger keyboard in a very short time you learn.